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Purposity comes from the core belief that humanity finds purpose through generosity.

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Everywhere around us we see people in need. We also see people who want to help others but don’t know how. We connect those dots through the power of technology.

School systems and non-profits in local communities let us know needs in your area. We spread the word to individuals near them who are willing to help. They click a link, see the need, and make a difference for someone near them. It may be the family next door who lost their home in a fire or the child down the street you didn’t know needed school supplies.

It’s easy. It’s simple, and it takes just a few clicks to make a difference in someone’s life. It’s the fastest way to impact your community, one need at a time. Download to start making a difference.

Want to reach out? Contact us.

A medium shot of a woman wearing a "Live on Purpose" Purposity tee.
A medium shot of a woman wearing a "Live on Purpose" Purposity tee.
Long shot of a Woman wearing a pink "Live on Purpose" tee
Long shot of a Woman wearing a pink "Live on Purpose" tee
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Why Purposity?

Purposity isn’t just a tool. It’s a vision. It’s a vision of seeing the world as it should be. It’s the quest to connect neighbors and communities around purpose. It’s you helping those around you.

As a group of social entrepreneurs, from the very beginning we wanted to make something that mattered. The solution we envisioned needed to be user friendly enough that anyone could navigate it, but sophisticated enough to solve complex social issues. To bring this to you, we had to ask ourselves, “Is it possible to create a legacy that connects organizations and individuals in a meaningful way, unifying us all under the common quest for purpose?” Turns out, the answer is “yes”.

As the concept of Purposity scales nationally and worldwide, we see companies, nonprofits, churches, schools and individuals banding together, breaking down barriers, and uniting to help neighbors. We see the answers to complex social issues in each of you, our users and hope you’ll join us on this journey to build a legacy.

Blake Canterbury

CoFounder & CEO
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Purposity has been able to connect a police officer and his six children with resources after a house fire; kids with cancer to anti-nausea tools for their hospital stays, and veterans experiencing homelessness with needs as simple as deodorant.
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Good news

We Were On The Today Show

Purposity’s founder, Blake Canterbury, tells The TODAY Show’s Sheinelle Jones how our app is connecting communities so neighbors can see needs and fill them.

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Even COVID19 Can't Stop Purposity

Our Purposity Community is Going Strong

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Why Generosity Feels So Good

There’s actually something called the paradox of generosity. Simply stated, it refers to the idea that by not caring for someone else, we end up not caring for ourselves. In fact, there’s a book about it aptly named The Generosity Paradox: Giving We Receive, Grasping We Lose (2014).

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The Power of Purpose

When we started this journey, we weren’t sure exactly what to expect. We believed that people would come along with us on this quest to find purpose through generosity (Purposity), but we didn’t quite conceptualize how quickly our idea would spread.

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Inspiration Starts with You

Many of us are feeling a little lost lately, unsure where to turn to get away from the noise. It’s deafening. Our social media, once thought to be a mindless reprieve, can now be a source of paralyzing anxiety. We are at a point in our nation’s history where division may pose our greatest threat. It leaves us seeking inspiration, wondering, “Where do I turn?” and, “How do I make a difference?” We all want to be inspired to take action. But, with so much negativity, knowing where and how to start is almost as overwhelming as pulling up a Facebook feed.

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You Spoke. We Listened.

You may have noticed a few (actually, quite a few) new options when visiting your Purposity page lately. A few months ago we launched personal profiles. Since then, we’ve been working hard to make sure users got exactly what they asked for. Here’s the list of our newest features, designed with you in mind.

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“I’m amazed to see the overwhelming response of those in my community to help their neighbors.”

Catherine Knowles

Homeless Liason

Metro Nashville Public Schools

"With Purposity, we have greater capacity to meet participants’ needs, leading to greater housing retention and overall programmatic success."

Ian Cohn

‍Volunteers of America


"I recommend other communities consider Purposity as one vehicle to help level the playing field for all children."

Dr. Jeff Bearden


Forsyth County Schools