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The "S" in ESG

Our end-to-end solutions help ESG leaders build their brand in ways that are important to the world.  

Mobilize Your Community

Invite your entire community (customers, partners, employees) to donate to causes important to your company.

Support Any Cause

Adapt initiatives to reflect any of your objectives. For example: engage your community to support #equityineducation

Report on ESG Metrics

Showcase to your board and consumers how much giving you’ve mobilized for students and families in need. 


Paul Bowers , CEO of Georgia Power passionately shares what Purposity means to their company. This is from a public speech at UGA Terry College of business.

Other ways Purposity works with businesses

Get behind a cause

Purposity works with you to impact the causes you care about. With Purposity, your brand can power how needs are met for communities in areas of need for veterans, students in need, or those experiencing homelessness.

Support your partners

Purposity populates needs from some of the largest nonprofits and school districts in the country.  We can help you onboard your community partners onto the platform and expand the supporters and resources behind their mission.

Mobilize your employees

Purposity works with you to inspire your millennials and deepen the impact of your employee volunteer programs.  Track employee micro-philanthropy, better understand interests and passion, build engagement, empathy and generosity.