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How it Works

Purposity gives you the opportunity to mobilize your community to do good. Launch a team with your fans, friends, family, co-workers, school, organization... or all of the above. It may be a campaign for a family who lost their home in a fire, or a local elementary school child who has holes in their shoes.

1. Select Causes

Wether it's a location, specific organizations, or a cause you care about, choose who your audience helps.

2. Share Your Page

Leverage your current social media audience to join your team.

3. Celebrate Impact

Every time a team member helps someone, your impact grows in real time.
“Purposity is a platform literally built for moments like this. As we help our Canopy community process how to help our neighbors, Purposity has been such an easy and effective way to meet the needs of the most vulnerable. Sign up and meet needs!”

Rodney Anderson

Director of Canopy

Canopy Social

"Purposity represents the next phase of our multifaceted charitable giving and community strategy, empowering our employees to give locally to causes that mean the most to them and amplify that impact on social media."

Chris D'Andrea

‍GA Power


Our community has loved using Purposity. We've provided Christmas for hundreds of foster care families to launch our team, and we've never looked back!

Jeff and Callie Dauler


The Upside

See how others are using Purposity

Help in real time.

It's often hard to know where you're needed most. With Purposity, your team can help fulfill the most pressing needs, in real time.

Nonprofits & School Districts

Purposity populates needs from some of the largest nonprofits in the country - probably some of the ones you already care about. Plus, we work with school districts from across the nation to meet students' most pressing needs.

Create Custom Campaigns

Purposity works with you to impact the causes you care most about. Mobilize your audience, build your team, and make a lasting impact.